Some great blues videos

Posted on: Sunday, Apr 9, 2006

Visit Don O’s DFW Blues Scene Sampler Project. He has filmed some of the current crop of blues artists to help to promote the blues scene in Dallas and Fort Worth. You will be able to see one whole song by artists such as Paul Byrd, Christian Dozzler, Hash Brown, James Hinkle and others. If you need to download the Quicktime player then I recommend that you use this site to obtain a free player without having to install iTunes too.

Here’s what Don says about the project..

As threatened last year, I have finally started a new digital video project to help promote the Dallas/Fort Worth blues scene. The concept is to shoot and edit video of local bands doing one original song, then collect them in one place for streaming so that anyone in the world can sample the DFW blues scene via the internet. In addition, the bands will be able to stream the video from their own site, or just link to mine. Selected videos will also be uploaded to distributors such as Google Video and I have the first few samples up now for your viewing pleasure. Note, I recommend miniumum DSL or cable quality connection and Apple’s free Quicktime viewer (which works fine on PCs, too).

This is a long term project which I expect will keep me busy for the next 2 or 3 years with an expected 70+ individual videos of DFW blues bands eventually streaming. This is a non-profit volunteer promotional project (I’m a one-man 2-camera film and editing crew) and the bands retain full ownership of everything. They also get DVD copies of all footage to use as they wish. The emphasis will not be on studio level sound quality or video techniques, but on showing the bands and artists, doing what they do, live onstage. Hopefully, it will lead a few new folks to the bands websites, their CDs, and dare I hope, actually into a club?The trick right now is balancing video quality with bandwidth, but as more folks gain access to higher speed connections, it is a simple matter to upgrade the quality of the stream available.

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