More blues rules

Posted on: Saturday, May 6, 2006

1. Do not trust the levee to function as intended.
2. Chances are if you can’t find your baby, she is with your best friend.
3. Trusting people that you meet at the Crossroads is unwise.
4. While sex with Stagger Lee’s woman is great, the consequences are also dire.
5. Knocking on doors rarely works, run around back to see who’s slippin’
6. While you may share your troubles, no one will know them.
7. The preacher man is frequently of no comfort.
8. Moderate consumption of liquor is uncommon.
9. Lemon juice on your leg is a satisfying sensation.
10. Your baby will always break your heart.
11. The long-term success of a railroad line is not good.
12. Your happiness is directly linked to the day of the week.
13. Travel is only possible by V-8 Ford or Cadillac car, bus, a train, or foot.
14. Your only possible choice of pet is a dog, and the dog must be old.
15. Death rarely happens by accident. It always requires some fair amount of fixin’.
16. No one is happily married.
17. The policeman is not your friend.
18. Your mama is rarely cold, and your daddy is never hot.
19. A moderate case of the blues has never been recorded.
20. An infinite number of blues can be created by the application of random nouns (“Roadhouse,” “Milk Cow,” “Highway,” “Killing floor,”

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