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Posted on: Monday, Jun 26, 2006

Here’s a new venture launched that might be the way to get hold of those difficult-to-source CDs from the favourites on the UK club circuit. They also do regular blues CDs and have a much greater selection that any high street. It may be worth adding them to your list of potential CD suppliers. Anyway, here is the press release…..

Blues CD opened on 1st June 2006. The website aims to give blues fans a wide choice of blues CDs. Ranging from bands and artists that are leading the UK blues scene to local blues bands and from the original US Godfathers of the blues, to those currently making their mark in the US and Europe. The site will grow over the coming months and whether you like acoustic blues, traditional blues or blues/rock you’ll find all styles of blues on this site. Blues CD Store gives an opportunity to UK blues bands and artists to sell and promote their CDs, DVDs and T Shirts, not only to blues fans in the UK but across the world. Often distribution is a concern for UK blues bands and artists, and it is hoped Blues CD Store will help to go some way to addressing this, giving bands and artists a new route to potential buyers. Blues CD Store recognises the lack of UK blues bands and artists on CD websites and in record shops, even though UK blues bands and artists are the heart of the UK blues scene, keeping alive blues and blues/rock music in the UK. Blues CD Store promotes and supports the development of blues and blues/rock music, bands and artists in the UK. To view and buy CDs or if you are a blues artist or blues or blues/rock band and want to be represented on the site visit;

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