Review – Worthenbury Festival 1 July 2006

Posted on: Friday, Jul 14, 2006

As already mentioned I could not go to the festival – sorry Pete, I had no transport on that day. At least I got the chance to read Pete’s excellent review below.

Despite the glorious weather, the attendance was down on what was expected. I really can’t understand the xenophobic desire to watch a soccer team – having said that, I am a Welsh rugby supporter so perhaps I can!!

Nontheless there were around 300 people basking in the glorious sun listening to a superb day of music.

First off were local fundraising band The Kingbees with their enjoyable set of well presented 60s covers. These guys have raised £8000 for local charities in 18 months.

Next in the acoustic marquee was one of the surprises that we turn up every year (Lionel – you should have been here). Dave Arcari is a raw gravely voiced Glaswegian with stage presence – a mix of Shane McGowan and Tom Waits playing slide on a National Steel. His half hour slot of self peened tracks wetted people’s appetite for his later half hour.

We then heard The Blues Missiles a Wrexham based band who were formerly known as The Madison Blues Band. A superbly tight band they have experienced lead guitarist PJ Davies who regularly jplays in a band in Austin. They have recently moved up to a four peice with Paul Fisher supplying excellent harp and keyboard in a set mixed with covers and originals. I suggest you catch these guys if you get the opportunity.

In the acoustic marquee, festival regulars and house duo for years at the sadly lamented Running Horse in Nottingham, Tim Disney and Donnie Johnson presented a faultless set of harp and guitar blues, covering some of the classic songs from the old school.

North Wales regulars and favourites Harry Skinner and Dave Saunders decided to forego the main stage for the excellent sound and rapport that was evident on the acoustic stage and Harry confirmed the rightly accepted view that there are few better guitarists in the UK.

Dave Arcari then completed another quite amazing set and confirmed the press release which stated that his music “owes as much to punk, rockabilly and trash country as it does to country blues”.

Giles have recently changed their name to The Giles Experience and certainly all present experienced a brilliant set. (That sounds ratherJohn Motsonish – damn football again!) Playing a good mix of numbers from their four excellent albums, they even managed to ignore the smoke fom the barbeque just off stage, set up by stage hand Big Al of The North Wales Formation Drinking Team.

We then had the excitement of the penalty shoot out … did you know you can get 24 people in a B&Q gazebo all trying to watch a small colour TV. How sad is that…

Tim and Donnie then gave a very relaxed second set whilst the beer tent filled up with grown men crying in their glasses.

If you ever need a band the cheer up the occasion then the boys from Essex, The Cadillac Kings are the ones for the job. With Geordie from The Slim Line Pappas on bass depping for Orly Shearer who left the band last week , they soon had the audience dancing and carried on unperturbed as flames burst out of a bass power amp. With part of the stage sound affected, Mike Thomas got everyone going in an imprompt “She’ll be coming round the mountain…” The audience loved the band and clamored for an encore which was duly delivered and set up the scene for Trafficker to finish the proceedings.

They really took to the task and delivered the ideal rocking set which kept the dancing going right to the end inspite of playing most of one number in total darkness after the lighting generator suddenly packed up. For their standard encore Memphis Days, PJ Davies was invited on stage to jam with the band to provide a great finish to what had been a great day – well at least for most of those present!!DPWZZ010706music-2





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