How to save YouTube videos on your local machine

Posted on: Monday, Jul 24, 2006

We all know that YouTube can’t carry on for ever, there are far too many clips posted by people who do not have the copyright. So if you find that rare clip that you cannot live without you can save to yuor local PC. I have not tried this so good luck.

1. Go to

2. Find what you need. Once you play some video, check your web browser for the address of that particular video: it should be like OF VIDEO, etc.

3. Copy this address and go to:

4. Paste copied address of chosen video on YourTube into the Search icon
“Download direct from most video sites” and click download. Save that

5. To watch that video, you’ll need a flash player. If you don’t have
flash player, just download it for free here:

then install/run to make it functional

6. The last thing to do is to rename the downloaded video file: just add
an extention “FLV” and the end preceded by the dot. For instance, if the
original file was named “12435”, you are to rename it as: 12345.flv

Then, given you have your flash player installed, just double click on
the downloaded file and enjoy the video.

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