Question? What got you into the Blues?

Posted on: Sunday, Aug 6, 2006

Shortly my posts will dry up for a week or two as I am about to take my summer holidays. I would like to ask you this simple question – what was the first thing that you can recall that got you into the blues? I know that we are all different and I suspect that our routes to being here are very different, I also suspect that one’s age is a big influence on one’s route to the blues. So either let me have your stories by emailing them to me or leave comments to this post in blogger. I’ll kick things off with my tale…….

I’m 43. My first memories of liking blues go back to the late 1970s. I remember liking a few pieces of music that I later realised were blues based. Firsty Dr. Feelgood had a few hits around that time, I remember “Milk and Alcohol” very well; secondly I was a bit of a punk (well it was the late 70s) and I often listened to John Peel. At the time Peely was playing tunes by George Thorogood.

As my tastes developed I began to love rock music (again late 70s early 80s) and it was searching for guitar solos that led me to the Brit blues boom of the 60s. The first music that I understood to be blues was probably the John Mayall tunes with Eric Clapton. I began to search out blues records and a highlight years later was finding a couple of the early Fabulous Thunderbirds LPs in the music section of the Huddersfield Library.

The Radio 2 blues show with Paul Jones started in the mid 80s I think; this was perfect timing for me. He played it all (still does actually) and I listened religiously. He played the first harmonica blues that I remember hearing; I was fascinated by the sound and bought my first harmonica soon after. All the harmonica blues that he played were influential to me but Idid take a liking to the West Coast guys (like many other harp players). James Harman and William Clarke are still great loves of mine. The first great harmonica player I saw live was Paul Lamb in the Band on the Wall in Manchester.

OK, that’s me! Over to you. I’ll post the best stories.



August 6th, 2006 at 22:06
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HI Ken

I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now.

You are a man after my own heart, I owe the same debt to John Peel, it was Elmore James for me. ALso Tommy Vance played a lot of vintage sessions on the Friday Rock Show which got me into Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac.

Paul Jones was a Godsend when he started. My tapes of the sessions are up in the loft must get them out and digitize them sometime soon.

Got back into music when I got broadband a couple of years ago, listening to blues radio stations, downloading concerts.

I’ve just got into podcasting so I’ll give your blog a shout when I get up and running on a regular basis.

Enjoy the holiday.