Happy Birthday Darrell Nulisch

Posted on: Friday, Sep 15, 2006

I always loved those early records by Anson and the Rockets and Darrell Nulisch, the vocalist, was a founder member of the band.  Incidentally the first Anson and ths Rockets release “Talk to you by hand” was the first records to be released on the once prolific but now defunct Black Top Records.

Darrell has moved on in the years since the Dallas days and has been leading a band in his own right for several years.  One of my favourite guitarists Johnny Moeller is in Darrell’s band and graces many of his recordings.

I was lucky to catch Nulisch play a club gig in Fort Worth, Texas in 1998.  I have to tell you that the rhythm section of Rob Stupka and Steve Gomes are amongst the best in the business.

I could not find a YouTube clip of Nulisch but I did find this short clip of Moeller.

Darrel is 54.

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