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Posted on: Saturday, Sep 23, 2006

My new CD – ‘Toby Walker Plays Well With Others’ has just been reviewed by the premier jazz magazine ‘Downbeat.’
“On a lineup of strong originals and material linked to Piedmont blues immortals Blind Boy Fuller, Rev. Clay Davis & Doc Watson, Walker sings of love mislaid and the ironies of mortal existence in finely modulated, agreeable voice whose wealth of expression gets mirrored in his precise acoustic guitar playing. Trio performances with bass and either harmonica or mandolin validate the claim of the album title, as do duos with another guitarist fully committed to honest communication, Bob Margolin.”
Frank-John Hadley Downbeat 3 stars.
And here’s what Blues Matters of the United Kingdom had to say:

“Walker’s skill and talents are hard earned – they are real and right in front of your eyes. Whether it’s the atmospheric cover of Blind Boy Fuller’s ‘She’s Got Something There,’ his delicately complex arrangement of ‘Nine Hundred Miles’ or the energetic Walker original ‘Been On The Job Too Long,’ it makes no matter because because the constant spirit of the blues makes each one as timeless as the other. On ‘Plays Well With Others’ Walker just doesn’t carry on the bloodline of of Fuller and Doc Watson, with his own ‘100 Real Good Reasons To Sing The Blues’ he encapsulates everything a blues song, classic or otherwise, should have. The emotions of hope, despair, joy and misery are all laid bare with a cynical eye and an even more cynical pen. I am almost tempted to reveal the final track, which is breathtaking in it’s simplicity and stunning in it’s execution. It is one of those memorable moments that leave you wondering how he thought of it and then damn glad that he did and I’m not going to spoil it for you.
Michael Mee – Blues Matters, U.K.
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All The Best,Toby

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