Today’s YouTube – Harmonica Frank Floyd

Posted on: Sunday, Sep 24, 2006

Following on with today’s harmonica theme here’s a classic YouTube clip from Harmonica Frank Floyd.

The amazing Harmonica Frank Floyd, who recorded a couple of records for Sun Records and Chess Records in the early 1950s.  Floyd was a modern day hobo; no one knew anything about him, and because he disappeared from the scene after these early recordings, many later blues fans and researchers assumed he was a black artist based on the bluesy sound of his records. He was a one-man band, playing the harmonica held in his mouth like a cigar. This was a trick that Sonny Boy Williamson II occasionally employed as a gimmick, but for Frank Floyd it was no gimmick – it was the ONLY way he played. It’s unknown whether Sonny Boy or Frank did it first; since they were on the scene at the same time, but it’s pretty obvious who did it better.

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