Great videos of Otis Taylor and Kim Wilson

Posted on: Thursday, Sep 28, 2006

I took a look through the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour website. They have an archive of the video and audio podcasts going back a few years. There are diamonds on those archives; I found two great video podcasts.

Show 169 features superb performances by Kim Wilson and Otis Taylor. Two fantastic blues singers with expressive soulful voices. Wilson is backed by the incredible Gene Taylor on Piano. For the encore the three of them play together.

Show 265 features Kim Wilson again, but this time backed by the very talented Troy Gonea on guitar.

The shows are quite long but very worth the download. Due to the size (about 150MB each) I would not recommend playing online. Kick off the download while you nip into the wine cellar to select a fine vintage, by the time you have chosen a wine, dusted off the bottle and allowed it to breathe for 10 mins the video wil be sitting there on your hard drive.

Right click the links to allow saving to your local drive.  If you are still on dialup then forget it. Broadband only, my friends.

Kim Wilson

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