Today’s YouTube is James Harman and Junior Watson

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 11, 2006

I was cruising YouTube for clips by one of my favourite ever guitarists – the amazing Junior Watson (this search should show you the results). Boy was I chuffed to find this clip of Junior with one of my all time favourite singers and songwriters, the fabulous purveyor of super dynamite rhythm and blues, the one and only Icepick James Harman.

To cap off a great YouTube couple of days there’s another clip from the same show. And let’s not forget this fantastic solo from Nathan James too – playing a beautiful guitar.


I hope that the billion dollar acquisition of YouTube by Google does not throttle the great blues posting. Just for the record, did you know that £1b YouTube has less than 70 employees and shows 100 million videos per day. Incredible eh?



October 13th, 2006 at 00:11
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Wow I think I’ve died & gone to heaven. Thanks for trawling Youtube Ken, it means the rest of us can have a bit more of a life while you find all the good bits!!
BTW who advised Mr Harman that the Uncle Remus look was groovy? Big mistake James!!