Notodden Blues Festival 2006

Posted on: Thursday, Oct 12, 2006

This week’s BluesWax has an excellent review of the 2006 Notodden Blues Festival.  The direct link to the review is here, but this link will not work forever and the site does involve free signup so it may not work for everyone.

If you like, there is an older BluesWax article from 2004 here.
Everytime I read or hear something about Notodden it confirms my belief that this is a festival that I should go to.  In many ways it seems better than some of the big US festivals.  It certainly appears to be a bit less formal and much more accessible with all the bands staying (stuck) in the town and playing multiple shows over the weekend.

We should organise a 2007 Norway trip – the only stumbling block might be the price of the beer over there.  I hear that beer is more expensive in Norway than Sweden and the last pint I had in Sweden earlier this year was £5.25!  I hear that the only people who find the beer cheap in Norway are the Icelanders.

Anyone up for Norway next year?

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