Walter Trout on Radio 2

Posted on: Sunday, Oct 15, 2006

Walter Trout fans may have already tuned in to Bob Harris’ Radio 2 programme last night. In case you missed then you can listen again from Bob’s Radio 2 page. The feature was an exclusive hour long live performance of Walter Trout with his full band; from Bob’s personal website I copied the tracklist below.

Walter Trout – Working Overtime (Live)
Walter Trout – Can’t Help Falling Apart (Live)
Walter Trout – Life In The Jungle (Live)
Walter Trout – She Takes More Than She Gives (Live)
Walter Trout – Love So Deep (Live)
Walter Trout – Clouds On The Horizon (Live)

I don’t think that there is a podcast available so you’ll either have to listen to the music through your PC or use one of the many tools available to grab the BBC Listen Again stream and copy it to your MP3 player.

Walter Trout

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