Charlie Musselwhite video on Woodsongs

Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 17, 2006

The blues legend Charlie Musselwhite is featured in this week’s Woodsongs Radio Hour Video Podcast.

Charlie is joined by his full touring band featuring the amazing Kid Andersen on guitar. Click here to go to the WOTRH archive directory and look for Show 414.

There’s also a nice interview with Charlie – a man who, despite never having met, I really, really like. His interview with Paul Jones on Radio 2 earlier was one of the highlights of the year and the Woodsongs interview is great too.
Charlie has an interesting vocal style that has never been my favourite but you have to admire his history, his variety, his songs and his attitude. You can read more about Charlie Musselwhite on his Wikipedia entry.

The first 3rd position harmonica that I heard (and understood as 3rd position) was by Charlie from an old Arhoolie LP called “Takin’ My Time”.
The Woodsongs archive is incredible, these shows going back many years are recorded live and are excellently filmed. If you don’t have the bandwidth for the video download then there are high and low bandwidth audio only downloads too.

Musselwhite Car

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