Pictures from last night’s gig : Memo Gonzalez

Posted on: Saturday, Oct 21, 2006

A great night last night was had by all. The incredible Memo Gonzalez and the Bluecasters were back in the UK and were as hot as habañero and cool as iced tea.

I am sure that Grahame will write a proper review so I will just post the usual executive summary. Man what a great band! I just love that Texas bar-room set list: blues, soul, rock and roll, 50’s jukebox pop, even surf guitar. Every member of the band contribute equally – a rock solid rhythm section, killer guitar, tough harp and vocals. Not forgetting Memo and Kai’s excellent songs.

As ever there a a few crappy pictures (my fault not the band’s fault) – I didn’t get the chance to take many as I forgot earlier on, when I finally remembered that I had a camera the dancefloor was full and I didn’t want to get in the way.

All pictures available from my Flickr pages.

MemoGonzalez 006

MemoGonzalez 002

MemoGonzalez 007
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