I’m back

Posted on: Wednesday, Nov 1, 2006

Just got back from Madrid.  I saw nothing and took no pictures.  Business travel is not fun.

Tell a lie – the food was very good and I did walk past the very large Plaza de Toros which was just down the road from my hotel in the Alcala area of the city.

My company offices are in the very unexciting area of Alcobendas on a drab industrial estate.  The route from hotel to office was log jam every day.  I’ll never (well  – this week anyway) complain about the Chester to Altrincham traffic again.
I didn’t even dare to practice my Spanish, apart from the “Hello” and “Thank You” moments.  Man! do the Spanish speak fast.  “Mas despacio por favor” could have been my only reply.

I have some catching up to do but will look at the feedback later thie week.

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