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Posted on: Saturday, Nov 4, 2006

Grahame has kindly sent in a list of great YouTube goodies.

Firstly Pat Ramsay.  Pat was the harp player for Johnny Winter for many years but is possibly most famous these days for being the mentor and teacher for young harp hotshot Jason Ricci.  This clip also features a rocky solo by Dave Renson on the guitar.
Secondly K.M. Williams with an old style boogie on semi-acoustic guitar and stomp board, featuring Washboard Jackson on washboard

Lastly (and my favourite of this bunch) is the great Nick Curran live in Austin with a three piece band.  Don’t click away too early on this one: the clip features two songs, the first one sounds like a soundcheck and the second has a fabulous shot of a great piece of shuffle drumming.  Sit down, tune in and enjoy!



November 5th, 2006 at 11:42
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If you guys out in blues land like this stuff – just key in ‘Texas blues’ into the search on YouTube and you will be in heaven – pages and pages of good stuff!