James Harman at Colne

Posted on: Tuesday, Nov 7, 2006

James Harman, originally uploaded by Never Slim.

I can’t remember the exact year – mid 90’s maybe? However I was there and must have been standing pretty close the the photographer. I went along with a friend who is a rock guitarist; his big hero was Jimmy Page.

Harman did a slow blues tune that featured a killer solo from Joel Foy on the guitar. When the song was all over, my friend turned to me and said “Man! – that was the best guitar solo I have ever seen”.

I also remember Big Daddy Thurmes on the lowest slung Fender bass I have ever seen – how he reached the strings is a complete mystery.

James Harman has been a huge influence on me. I love his vocals, his bands, his great songs and his monster unique harp tone. He’s certainly changed a lot. Check out this post to see a picture from more recent years.

You can also check out some other Colne shots from Never Slim here.�

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