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Posted on: Sunday, Nov 12, 2006

Here’s  quick report on the gig last night.  Last night I popped over to the next town Milford to see Timo Arthur at Fat Boy Bill’s Blues Bar.

I have to admit that I was flagging a little, I had six hours sleep then got up at 6.30am on Saturday morning UK time before flying  to the US.  I had a couple of naps on the plane and nothing more.  By the time the band came onstage at 9.30 US Eastern time it was already 1.30am UK time.

It was a really nice local bar, the people were friendly  and there was a lot more dancing then we see in England – also it was great to see a variety of ages in the bar, unlike in the UK where blues club attendees are normally well over 40.  There were no teenagers in the club but many in their 30s.  Also the club was non-smoking which was really nice.

Timo did not blow me away, he was a capable guitarist but not a great singer.  He played the rhythm parts well but tended to lose it a little on the solos.  When it was solo time, he played a couple of verses OK and built nicely but tried to stretch a little for more verses and the build was lost.  The choice of material was fine, some Albert Collins, Freddie King, Johnny Guitar Watson and a couple tunes made famous by the T-Birds.  The band are a three piece and each song was pretty much the same – guitar intro, verses, long solo, verses and guitar outro.  Just too much guitar.  The other guys were pretty good; a really solid rhythm section – I did not catch their names.  I suspect that they were both jazzers as well as playing in a blues band.  They were in the pocket all night.   I think they were jazz players because the bass player has an extra string and the drummer has a text-book stick grip.

I left at 11pm after the first set due to complete exhaustion.  By that time it was 4am UK time and I had been up 21 hours.



November 12th, 2006 at 13:50
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With reference to the rhythm section being jazz guys – you should have seen the guys playing with Robben Ford at Pacific Road – Gary Novak on drums and Melvin Davies on bass – the list of people they have played with is frightening – Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Chick Corea, etc!! Full review to follow – although it may be a bit light on song names, as I didn’t know a lot of the stuff! Enjoy the US, see you soon.


CK What

November 13th, 2006 at 23:50
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Interesting point about the dancing & younger ages in the US blues club – the 2 things missing from many UK clubs.
Re dancing I think the attendance/ non-attendance of women is fairly crucial (except in parts of Manchester) & a lot of ‘da blooz’ isn’t very dance friendly. Still what do I know.

Checkout Timo playing behind Brian Templeton (nice harp) on a Fox news program video on his myspace site