in the US – Boston

Posted on: Monday, Nov 13, 2006

Slight jet lag this morning.  Despite getting in bed after midnight I was absolutely wide awake at 5.30am.  After a few chapters of my book and an hour on the Internet I took breakfast in the hotel.  Some US breakfasts are magnificent – for example The Marriot in downtown Philadelphia and The Mirage in Las Vegas.  The free buffet in my hotel was not as good by a long way.  I still cannot get used to breakfast potatoes (chips) and biscuits (scones) at breakfast time.

The drive into downtown Boston took about 45 mins, there was plenty of parking.  After taking a quick coffee we were about to explore the city when the heavens opened and it poured down for the next two and a half hours.  Not just rain but an absolute torrent.  We were left exploring the food stalls and tat shops in the Market Place.  After an excellent early lunch of clam chowder and baked cod it was finally dry enough to take a walk.  For the US, Boston is a great city to walk in and we took in some of the usual tourist trail.  The rain was never far away and the clouds stayed very low even in the dry period.

There a lot of bars here, shame I didn’t get the chance to try them all.I’m having a bit of Flickr trouble so I can’t post any photos right now.  Maybe later.

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