Happy Birthday R.L. Burnside and Jerry Portnoy

Posted on: Thursday, Nov 23, 2006

R. L. Burnside born 23 Nov 1926 in Harman Town, MS

Jerry Portnoy born 23 Nov 1943 in Chicago, IL

The YouTube file is a fabulous clip of Portnoy playing with the legend Muddy Waters in the 1970s. I recently heard Portnoy’s “Down in the Mood Room” CD and what always blows me away about Portnoy’s playing is his incredible vibrato. If you don’t know what I mean then check out this small MP3 clip of him playing the harp. Nobody has a slow vibrato like Jerry Portnoy has these days – it’s more evident than on the 1970’s playing and for me is uniquely Portnoy.

What a great day for YouTube videos eh?
Flickr Photo R.L. Burnside, originally uploaded by hhjack.

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