Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

Posted on: Monday, Nov 27, 2006

Today would have been the birthday of the legend Jimi Hendrix. Even my daughter recognises the iconic pictures of Hendrix even though she doesn’t know any of the songs. That’s how well known he is.I’m not going to get into the “was Hendrix blues or not?” argument because I really don’t care. He was massively influential in rock and pop and for that reason deserves a mention on my little site.

There are loads of YouTube videos, as you would expect – many of them are crappy “tributes” by bedroom guitarists who think they are rock and roll stars. Frankly I could not be arsed looking through clip after clip to find my favourite Hendrix clip so rather lazily, I am posting the first one that I found.

Jimi Hendrix – born 27 Nov 1942 in Seattle, WA.

Flickr photo Jimi Hendrix soundchecks at Monterey Pop Festival 1967, originally uploaded by jypsyeye.

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