Review : Nicky Moore – Warrington – 24 Nov

Posted on: Monday, Nov 27, 2006

Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation + the Sean Webster Band

Alford Hall, Warrington – Friday 24th November 2006

Alford Hall is a larger venue used by Ray and Barbara O’Hare for occasional shows in addition to their regular gigs held at the Warrington RnB Club. Nicky Moore has been a firm favourite with the Warrington punters and his return was eagerly anticipated. It will be no surprise to hear that he did not disappoint.

Nicky was resplendent in an all-white ensemble, looking, to borrow Dorothy Parker’s description of Jean Harlow, as pure as the driven slush. He was backed by the latest and now well-established incarnation of his Blues Corporation: his son, Tim, on lead guitar, Danny Kyle on acoustic guitar, Ed Collins on drums and Peter Shaw on bass guitar.

The programme comprised a tried and tested formula, which fully endorsed the philosophical argument that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fine original compositions were expertly mixed with well-loved standards. In the former category, none was better received than the excellent “Resting In The Blues” and the equally wonderful “Sea Of Blues”, which featured a blinding solo from Tim and some lovely finger-work from Danny Kyle. Covers included an extended performance of “Statesboro Blues” and a terrific version of “The Thrill Has Gone”, with fabulous vocals, another brilliant solo from Tim (who gets better and better with each appearance) and a lovely cameo from Peter Shaw on bass guitar. Finally, we were treated to the loudly demanded “Boneman” and Jimmy Reed’s “Shame, Shame, Shame” to complete a most enjoyable evening. Throughout, Ed Collins delivered his customary energetic brilliance on the skins to provide a faultless backdrop to the superb set.

In what must be the busiest retirement of any singer, Nicky Moore continues to be the consummate entertainer. The voice is every bit as good as ever and the patter is still reassuringly ribald and irreverent. The band is crammed full of top notch musicians and the total performance is nothing less than uplifting.

Sean Webster and his excellent rhythm section of Tom Latham on bass guitar and Martin Collins on drums had earlier opened the proceedings with a lively and high-impact set of slow blues, ballads and heavy rockers. On guitar, Sean manfully overcame the potentially limiting effects of a damaged finger. His self-assured patter was engaging and his powerful vocals were highly impressive and warmly applauded by the appreciative audience. In short, we got two great voices for the price of one.

Lionel Ross

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