Gigs : Papa George and Jon Amor

Posted on: Wednesday, Nov 29, 2006

A choice has to be made by us Cheshire folk this Friday.

Warrington RnB Club features Papa George.

Telfords Warehouse in Chester have Jon Amor. I know that Jon isn’t a blues act but he is still really good.

I’ll be in Telfords – come and say Hi.

jon amor



December 5th, 2006 at 22:39
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Cracking hour-long set from Jon Amor and new band at Telford’s – only known bluesers present were myself, Ken, Lionel and our good mate Tony – whose claim to fame is that he once went to Burnley Blues Festival for the whole weekend and only saw one band (Ken knows who they were!). Standouts were “Hard Hat”, a dip back to The Hoax days for “Feeding Time” and the great “24 Hours”. An encore was probably on the cards but for the DJ who slammed straigt into the tunes as soon as the last note ended – boo hiss! The new young band were impressive too.