Podcast : Dave Kelly live and in conversation

Posted on: Thursday, Nov 30, 2006

There is an excellent interview and live songs from Dave Kelly on the excellent Podcast Raven’n’Blues. Dave joined Dave on the top deck of the houseboat in the Thames for about an hour of conversation and live acoustic songs. The session will be edited down to a shorter segment in the main show that will get posted at the weekend. You can download all the MP3s from the RnB Libsyn site or this link will take you straight to the Dave Kelly MP3.
I highly recommend Raven’n’Blues it’s a great weekly programme – if you are debating whether to enter the digital age and buy an MP3 player for Christmas then I heartily recommend that decision and heartily recommend this radio programme.

Remember, podcasts are not just for your iPod you can play them on your computer.

Dave Kelly

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