Happy Birthday Lucky Peterson

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 13, 2006

I was lucky enough to travel to Dallas, Texas in 1998 on a really fun blues holiday. One of the people I saw in Dallas was Lucky Peterson who was playing in a club down in South Dallas. I wrote a short diary after the trip and I have pasted my thoughts about Lucky Peterson below.

Lucky Peterson born 13 Dec 1964 in Buffalo, NY.

On Monday 12 October Don O treated Graham and I to one of the highlights of the trip. We were driven down to a club called Coaches Corner way down in South Dallas. We saw a great band called Hal Harris and the Lo Lifers unsurprisingly led by Hal Harris, a fantastic bass player and a witty and charming bloke too.

Coaches Corner is pretty much an all black club and was the biggest club we visited the whole trip. One thing that Graham and I noticed straight away was the relative scruffiness of our party, I think that we were almost the only folk in jeans. A shame really as Graham and I do have a habit of wearing suits but admittedly very rarely on a Monday night.

The band played a mixture of soul, funk and blues. My travelling partner Graham is an ex-mod from the sixties (my workmates call him Ray Davies because of his suits) he was really taken by hearing live soul music again. For one brief moment I though that he was going to get up on the dance floor and show us some of his moves. The band featured a number of guest vocalists throughout the evening all of whom impressed me. Lady Princess was one such vocalist and was celebrating her birthday at the same time. Good manners dictate that I do not mention the age of Lady Princess but I will gladly admit that she sure looks younger than she is.

We were three times treated that night because sitting in on guitar was Lucky Peterson. I knew that the cat could play keyboards but I did’t expect the guy to be able to play guitar as good as *that*. At about 1.20 in the morning Lucky suddenly shouted out “I wanna play some blues” and for the next 20 minutes or so we were treated to one of the finest performances that I have ever seen and I mean that I have *EVER* *SEEN*. Brother Don will back me up on this if you don’t believe me. Lucky (or should I call him Mr. Peterson?) played a medley of tunes that at times had every hair on my neck standing on end and shivers running up and down my spine. At one point the band were playing so quietly that you could have heard a pin drop. Whew!!

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