Charlie Musselwhite

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006

I am having a strange experience in the office this week.  We are being visited by a customer from the US (there’s nothing unusual about that in my business) however the strange thing is that his accent and tone of voice are exactly like Charlie Musselwhite’s. 

He is working right outside my office and I find myself distracted by his soothing tones.  Now if only he could play the harmonica like Musselwhite that *would* be a day at work to remember.

While I am on the Musselwhite tip, I’d just like to remind everyone what an excellent interview Charlie gave to Paul Jones earlier in the year on Paul’s Radio 2 blues show.  The stories were very compelling and incredibly well delivered.  If I had to choose a favourite speaking, blues radio event from 2006 then this would be it.

Lastly on Charlie Musselwhite for now, let me tell you about Charlie’s record “Takin’ my Time” on Arhoolie.  I borrowed a copy of this record from the local library back in the 1980s and it was a huge inspiration to me.  As I was learning to play the harmonica the bluesiest song that I had was on this LP.  It took me ages to work out that it was actually not in the more common second position but was in 3rd position.  This absolutely set me off on nailing 3rd position slow blues – and I am still working on nailing 3rd position today, nearly 20 years later.

I was given the LP of “Takin’ my Time” as a gift when a friend decided to trade in all his albums and go all-digital.  I still have the vinyl but I, too, have lost the ability to play it.  I must get on t’internet to see if this is available on CD.

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