Guitar Slim

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006

So here’s a little about Guitar Slim. I had obviously heard all his hits and (way too) many of his great songs covered by other artists. So I was looking forward to sitting down and listening to his “Best Of..” CD unsurprisingly called “The Things That I Used to Do”.

I have to say that I was absolutely blown away by the genius that was Guitar Slim. His songs, the grooves, the shredder guitar tone and that fabulous voice. I think that I has been hearing his big hits but not really *listening* to them. Every tune is an absolute belter and of course all the hits are there.

I really recommend that all blues lovers who don’t possess this CD should go out and purchase it right now. In fact, here’s an Amazon link to get you on your way. The CD collects together all the classic early ’50s records originally recorded on the Speciality label in New Orleans.

You can read more about Guitar Slim and his incredibly young death at the age of 32 on the Cascade Blues Association site.

P.S. on the “killer bandleader who sings and plays guitar on classic blues from the 1950’s” topic, everyone also should own Johnny “Guitar” Watson – “Hot Just Like TNT“. This has for a long time been a favourite of mine.

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