One blues shopping day to go

Posted on: Sunday, Dec 24, 2006

Today is the last shopping day before Christmas. If you are still lacking in ideas for the blues lover in your life then I suggest that you take a look at Top Ten Festive CDs as reviewed by The article dates back to Christmas 2003 so it will be missing the more recent festive releases.

I can vouch for the Blue Yule compilation – that is very good. Although it does seem that the accepted way of writing a Christmas blues is to write a few words about being lonely or wanting a new lady as a present (get the picture?) then asking the soloist in the band to play the first phrase of Jingle Bells over the blues groove before cutting into the regular piano, sax or guitar solo. Still a great record nevertheless.

My all time favourite Christmas song is by the fabulous William Clarke who’s song “Please let me be your Santa Claus” was featured on the Alligator Records Christmas collection. You can hear Clarke’s great performance by clicking here.

Have a blue Christmas everyone and please check back for more festive goodies.



December 24th, 2006 at 21:13
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Great Bill Clarke number/performance, Ken – pity the radio stations don’t know about and play it instead of the usual corny standards that are too often delivered.