Happy New Year

Posted on: Monday, Jan 1, 2007

Happy New Year to all of the bluesinthenorthwest.com readers. I think that 2007 is going to be a great year for blues music here in the Northwest of the UK. To celebrate the start of a great year here’s the gig list for January 2007. The highlight for me is seeing the array of local, national and international stars all performing within a few hours drive of everyone’s house.

All of the promoters and club owners in the region work tirelessly to bring you the best in blues entertainment and all you need to do is to put your hand in your pocket and support the variety of venues by turning up and supporting live blues. If you don’t go to the gigs then they will not be there in the future.

Remember that the bluesinthenorthwest.com calendar is always available on this site; please let me know of any additions or cancellations emailing me or using the contact form.

Thanks for all the support in 2006 and let’s all look forward to 2007. Best of luck to everyone.


01-Jan – The Marritimes – Maryport Navy Club
05-Jan – Tantrum – Barrow R & B Club
05-Jan – Tin Pan Alley – Cocked Hat Club, Carnforth
06-Jan – Marie McCormick Band, Hensingham Rugby Club
06-Jan – The Stumble – Red Lion, Longton
07-Jan – Bluesblasters – Knowles Arms, Blackburn
07-Jan – Marie Mccormick Band – Maryport Navy Club
10-Jan – The Stumble – Harbourside, Liverpool
11-Jan – Slingshot – Hop Inn Blackpool
12-Jan – Hucklebuck – Barrow R & B Club
13-Jan – Nick Dow & Blues Roots – Hop Pocket, Chorley
13-Jan – Paul Lamb & Kingsnakes – Appleby Blues Club
14-Jan – Blueshounds – Fletcher Christian, Cockermouth
14-Jan – Hucklebuck – Maryport Navy Club
18-Jan – Electric Mud – Grad Bar, Lancaster Univ.
19-Jan – Nine below zero unplugged – Worthenbury
19-Jan – Paul Lamb – Warrington Blues Club
19-Jan – Rev.Doc – Barrow R & B Club
20-Jan – Slingshot – Musketeer, Leigh
21-Jan – Ben Ruth – Fletcher Christian, Cockermouth
21-Jan – Rev Doc – Maryport Navy Club
24-Jan – Dave Onions – Village Inn, Leigh
25-Jan – Kent DuChaine – Allerton Manor, Liverpool
25-Jan – Rob Tognori – Fletcher Christian, Cockermouth
25-Jan – Tantrum – Grad Bar, Lancaster Univ.
26-Jan – Tantrum – The Met, Bury
26-Jan – Tin Pan Alley – Barrow R & B Club
27-Jan – Slingshot – Black Horse Barnard Castle
28-Jan – Little Stevie – Maryport Naval Club
28-Jan – The KingBz – Naval Club, Maryport 4pm


CK What

January 6th, 2007 at 00:53
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Happy New Year Ken (& Grahame!)
Wont bore you with tales of what a great time we’ve just had playing a week’s gigs around Oslo. Thought I’d let you know the fantastic line-up our friend JT Lauritsen has put together for next Sept’s Norway-Denmark Colorline blues cruise:

“The Severn Records Blues Revue” featuring
Sugar Ray Norcia – vocal , harp
Lou Pride – vocal
Tad Robinson – vocal , harp
Darell Nulisch – vocal , harp

Kevin Anker – Piano – Hammond B3
Steve Gomes – Bass
Jon Moeller Guitar
Alex Schultz – Guitar
Robb Stubka – Drums
David Earl
Willie Henderson
Kenneth Ray Rittenhouse

Mitch Woods (USA)
Doug Mcleod (USA)
Mitch Kashmar (USA)
Vidar Busk (N)
Rita Engerdalen & Margit Bakken (N)
Joakim Tinderholt Express (N)
Bedrock Blues Band (N) NBU Union Band 2007

(what a feast of great singers/ harp-players AND Alex Schultz!!! Why can’t someone organise this sort of thing in the UK???)



January 6th, 2007 at 12:38
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Jeez! Sign me up. I’m off the check out the website right now.

Each of those headliners is top of their game.

I too have made a comment in another post.