Today’s YouTube is Paul Size and Johnny Moeller

Posted on: Thursday, Jan 4, 2007

Tell you what! Texan blues lover, producer, promoter and all round good guy Chuck Nevitt has a great set of ears. He’s the kind of guy who puts his money where his mouth is and will always tell you what he really thinks.

It was Chuck who turned me onto Johnny Moeller. Here’s a great but waaay too short clip of Paul Size (formerly of the Red Devils) and Johnny Moeller live in Dallas back in 1997.

I look forward to seeing many more clips from this show.


CK What

January 6th, 2007 at 01:00
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Guess where you can see Johnny Moeller in 2007 ……that’s right – Norway. See comment to Jan 1st blog for more details



January 6th, 2007 at 10:40
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Greetings to all in CK land – you obviously had a blast on your recent jaunt! Just checked out that 1st January reply – unbelievable line-up – if just half of them came to the UK I would be in heaven! I love the likes of Tad Robinson, Darrell Nulisch, Alex Schultz, etc. Why doesn’t somebody put them on instead of all those ear-damaging rock geezers or old Sixties outfits – come on somebody, get too it!



January 6th, 2007 at 12:36
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Yep! I second the Chester City fan.

I reckon that Gomes and Stupka were the best rhythm section I ever saw. I’ve seen some great bands in my time but seeing Nulisch with those guys behind him in 98 was a real treat, maybe because it was in a small club setting and not some big booming hall with a PA set up like a Motorhead gig.