I’m back (but not for long)

Posted on: Wednesday, Jan 10, 2007

I got back from a couple of days away in Konstanz, Germany this afternoon. A beautiful city! I even got the chance to take a stroll around the city centre while it was still light. However the home life does not last long as on Sunday morning I have to pack my trusty passport again and head off the the good ol’ US of A. I’ll not get back until the Friday after – Friday 19th and I am hoping not to be too jet-lagged to go to see Paul Lamb in Warrington.

This time I am going to Nashville, TN – the acknowledged home and adopted birthplace of both types of music – Country *and* Western. I have a pretty full calendar for the week so I am not sure if I will get the chance to sneak away from the organised events to check out some of the local blues scene. Despite the country legacy, there does seem to be a blues scene over there, for example – check out Music City Blues and Bourbon Street Blues. But as usual, there does not seem to be a whole load of blues at BBKings, Nashville, I hear that this is common for this corporate entertainment group.

During my travels I will set some posts to autopublish so please continue to stop by, however I will not be able to act upon topical news stories in my usual timely manner. If I manage to see any musical bluesy events I’ll post a report on my return.



January 11th, 2007 at 15:37
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You international globetrotter! Jacqui is in Alty one day next week and was hoping to blag a lift! Any blues on the horizon in the capital of country music?



January 11th, 2007 at 17:51
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Tell you what – let’s swap – I’d rather stay at home than drag my sorry ass half way around the world. Having said that, I’m sure that one night the meal will be steak. You can’t whack a juicy US lump of dead cow. Food is something they do very well.

I promise not to come back with a tasselled shirt and Stetson.