Harmonica Mac and The Groovecats

Posted on: Thursday, Jan 11, 2007

Scotland’s finest Chicago blues band Harmonica Mac and The Groovecats are coming down to to spend some time in the deep south (for them). They have a slot lined up at the Burnley Blues Festival on Friday 6th April in Olivers Bar at 10pm.  To fit in with this gig, they are looking for a venue in the northwest UK region for a Saturday night gig. So if you are aware of a good venue with a free slot for Sat 7th April that would like to feature some swinging West Coast sounds then either drop the band a line on their website or fill in my feedback form and I’ll pass the details on.

Here’s what to expect from The Groovecats (lifted shamelessly from their website)

The Groovecats have been a long time in the making in one way or another. With a line up that stretches almost 150 miles, you can believe that we play the blues with the greatest of dedication and love. If we can make it work over that distance, we’re sure all you crazy cats & kitties can make it out to support us and help keep the blues alive!

Our aim is to keep alive the spirit, songs and love of the classic Chicago blues, mixed in with another love of 40’s & 50’s big band rhythm & blues, and the more modern but looking back also, West coast swing sound!

Sometimes you can wrongly be tagged as a ”blues purist” for trying to recreate and keep alive a style such as this, but we like to think of it more as being traditional, because there is no mistaking it. Electric Chicago blues is a traditional music, and although sadly lost on a lot of blues lovers to the more egotistic and showmanship genre of blues/rock, Chicago blues is as traditional as a music and in every way as important as folk and provincial musics’ of years gone by.

Like many traditional styles of music, this road is not an easy road for us. Our music can be slightly more introverted like jazz at times but much more palatable, (please forgive us be-boppers, we love ya also!) and can, if given the chance, swing and jump any crowd as much as the next style!


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