Today’s YouTube is Mike Bloomfield

Posted on: Thursday, Jan 18, 2007

I have to admit to not knowing much about the white US blues stars of the 1960s. I suppose that this is because I am white, British and not born until 1962. I think that the history and popularity of Blues here in the UK was very much down to the early pioneers and superstars of British Blues; guys like Mayall, Green, Clapton, Korner and Cyril Davies. Plus the promoters who brought over the visiting black Americans, for example Sonny, Brownie and SBWII.

Because of this history we know white British blues from the 60s very well indeed, but we didn’t need the white superstars of US blues. Mike Bloomfield was such a US star from those heady days, so it’s really interesting to see this YouTube clip from 1960s. Just to show how little I know – I didn’t even know the name of the band (Electric Flag) or any of the players (read the comments yourself), although I did enjoy very much the hairstlye of the drummer Buddy Miles.

Not my favourite type of blues but fun all the same.

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