Review : Nine Below Zero – Worthenbury – 19 Jan

Posted on: Friday, Feb 2, 2007

A brief review of Nine Below Zero Unplugged or Disconnected as it nearly turned out to be at Worthenbury, January 19th.
Near panic set in on the friday morning of the gig. Following the terrific gales on thursday, the power lines to Worthenbury had been blown down thus jeopardising the gig. However, following an early morning call to Big Al Groom of The North Wales Formation Drinking Team,(Motto – We Fear No Beer!) emergency generators and lighting were delivered in plenty of time for the gig to go ahead. Everywhere was eerily in pitch darkness, so much so that the band drove straight through the village and telephoned from 3 miles down the road! As expected the gig had sold out 2 weeks before and sadly we had to disappoint supporters – what a quandry – we had a big venue at Hookers which didn’t sell out and Worthenbury is half the size and sells out every gig!!

The gig was part of a couple of rehearsal type gigs for the band in readiness for the following weekend at Rheged where they were recording their unplugged DVD. I have to say it was absolutely superb and so different to NBZ as we know them. Sitting down relaxed Dennis used 4 different guitars, Brendan a stripped down kit of bass, snare, hi hat and one cymbal and Gerry and Mark their usual set up.
They laughed and joked with the audience with Dennis using his best cockney rhyming slang and a general good time was had by all. They covered a number of their favourites from the back catalogue and practised a number of new numbers. At one point Dennis and Brendan were singing one verse and Gerry and Mark a completely different one – cue great laughter and blame throwing with cockney expletives!

Top moments were probably On The Road Again, Wipe Away Your Kiss, Rock The House, Wild Kickin’ Horse finishing up with How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You. So what nearly turned out to be a total disaster and despite the band’s initial “Where The Bloody ‘Ell Are We!!” expressions, ended up being a phenomenal success, even more so when they asked if we’d have them back in November to promote the new DVD.
Will we have them back? Stupid question!!


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