Happy Birthday Johnny Guitar Watson

Posted on: Saturday, Feb 3, 2007

Happy Birthday to Johnny Guitar Watson – Born 03 Feb 1935 in Houston, TX

Johnny Guitar Watson had an incredible career and was hugely influential. He began as a piano player in the 1950’s before moving on to guitar and releasing many classic RnB hits that are still played today. He later moved into funk and again had hits that are still classics.

Watson is one of my favourite 50s artists, I just love his voice and incredible guitar on songs like “Too Tired” and “Don’t touch me”.

As expected, much of the YouTube material is from his later career in the 70s 80s and 90s however it is really good. Check out this copper bottomed classic from 1977.

I saw a vintage programme of JGW on German TV when he sat down at the tiniest little synth and played the most amazing blues solo, using the pitch bend to simulate the guitar. It just goes to show, it’s not the instrument, it’s the player.

You can read a short biography on the Soul Walking website.

Johnny died in 1996. RIP.


CK What

February 5th, 2007 at 00:49
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How come you forgot to mention that another giant of the blues celebrates his birthday on Feb 3rd? Who else but Val “Good Rockin’ Chair” Doonican !!!
Who can forget the night at London’s 100 Club back in 1969 when Val got up and jammed with Johnny & the Larry Williams Review on such great numbers as “Too Tired to Walk Tall”, “Paddy McGinty’s One Room Country Shack”
“Delaney’s Donkey’s a Hot Little Mama”. Respect !!!



February 5th, 2007 at 08:06
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Indeed – happy birthday Val!