Last night’s gig

Posted on: Saturday, Feb 24, 2007

It’s ages since I have been out to see a live band; there are a couple of reasons for this, I have been very busy with my day job shuffling around trying to make a living, plus there hasn’t been a huge amount for me to see within easy striking distance of Chester.

So it was a great pleasure last night to drive over to Warrington Blues Club to see North West favourites The Stumble, they are a cracking band; good lead instrumentalists are easy to come by in the UK, however much rarer is a good rhythm section and a top singer. The Stumble have all three. I’m not going to write a review, as someone more talented than I will contribute I am sure, however I will say “Excellent show lads!” and give my thanks to Ray and Barbara for booking the band.

I took a few pictures and unbelievably they are even worse than the rubbish that I usually take. My camera is fine – it’s the driver who is inept. Anyway the pictures are here and the YouTube clip is here.

Stumble 008

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