Happy Birthday Rory Gallagher

Posted on: Friday, Mar 2, 2007

If he was still with us, Rory would have been 59 today.


We all know that there is at least one of us here was switched on to the blues by Rory.  To be honest I was a little surprised by how young Rory Gallagher was.   Rory Gallagher  – always from the heart.

I really like Rory’s Wikipedia entry.



March 3rd, 2007 at 11:25
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What can I say – my main man of all time! Such a great performer and man of the people. Never trendy or fashionable (far from it!) but never gave less than 100% in his live shows. I am sure he has sold far more records since his sad death in 1995 than he ever did when he was alive! Hats off to his brother Donal for keeping a check on the recent stuff and ensuring most is of top quality (bar the Amsterdam live thing). Rock on Rory – I feel a play of “Messin’ With The Kid” or “Bullfrog Blues” coming on!