Gig : Fabulous Thunderbirds come to the Northwest

Posted on: Sunday, Mar 11, 2007

I dread to think how long it has been since Kim Wilson or the Fab T-Birds have been in this area, I suspect that it was at Colne when Kid Ramos, Willie J. and Hodges were in the band. Anyone remember?

Anyway they are coming back this summer. Right now they are scheduled for Southport Arts Centre on Thu 19 Jul.

The website also lists the following venues….

July 16, 2007 Wolverhampton, England Robin 2
July 17, 2007 Manchester, England TBA
July 18, 2007 Newcastle, England Academy
July 19, 2007 Southport, England Arts Center
July 20, 2007 London, England The Mean Fiddler
July 21, 2007 Exeter, England Arts Center
July 22, 2007 Southampton, England The Brook

Kim Wilson



March 11th, 2007 at 21:46
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Think you are right about Colne – seem to remember they played it as a regular gig and also did the August Bank Holiday blues festival around the same time – a big turnout from the NW blues musicians fraternity at both gigs! I was privileged to see them back in about 1979, supporting Rockpile at the Mountford Hall, Liverpool University (now The Academy for you younger types) in Liverpool – a gig which also featured an unscheduled tour warm-up set from Elvis Costello, all for the pricely sum of £2.50 – those were the days!



March 12th, 2007 at 13:16
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I bet you could get a decent pint for 60p as well?

The number of blues, rock and pop acts that Grahame has seen never ceases to amaze me.