Happy Birthdays

Posted on: Saturday, Mar 17, 2007

Happy birthdays to….

Nat “King” Cole – Born 17 March 1916 in Montgomery, AL

Michael Mann (Hollywood Fats) – Born 17 March 1954 in Los Angeles, CA.

Here’s Nat with some pretty unsympathetic backing. Just listen to how the piano accompanies the sax solo but ignores the vocals.


and here are two killer Hollywood Fats YouTubes both from the 80s with the classic James Harman band line up.


If there are any bluesinthenorthwest.com readers who have not seen or heard the legendary Hollywood Fats play the guitar then settle down, open a beer, roll a jazz cigarette and click those links. They also show why Harman is one of my favourite singers. Fabulous!

Flickr photo Nat King Cole!, originally uploaded by Very Distorted.

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