CD Review : Harmonica Mac and the Groovecats

Posted on: Monday, Mar 19, 2007

Harmonica Mac & The Groovecats
(self release – I am confident it will be available at the gigs)

After some three years together top Scottish blues band Harmonica Mac & The Groovecats present us with an excellent taster of what they are all about – a blend of traditional Chicago, with lashing of fine West Coast swing – inspired by the likes of Hollywood Fats, William Clarke and Rod Piazza.

The band consist of Harmonica Mac (vocals and harmonica), Kev Parr (guitar), ‘Kid’ Davidson (drums) and ‘Hound Dog’ Fraser (bass), and a generous 14 tracks highlight all the musicians – with Mac’s fine harmonica to the fore, and Kev Parr laying down some fine retro-style guitar, with that Junior Watson, Hollywood Fats feel, with the tight rhythm section pushing it all along.

A mix of the band’s own tunes and some choice covers see the band swinging on “Wake Up Little Mama” and “That Crazy Woman!”, both self-penned, with the slow “Dancin’ Girl” featuring a lovely laid-back solo from Parr.

Other treats include Willie Dixon’s “Too Late” and a couple of fine harmonica workouts – “Soul Feet” and the chromatic romp, “Crazy Chrom” – good stuff indeed, showing what a good player Harmonica Mac is, obviously inspired by greats such as George Smith and William Clarke.

It’s been a good while for a really good blues band to come out of Scotland – probably Blues ‘n’ Trouble – and these guys are certainly worth checking out if they come your way – look out for the official release, although they do have a six-tracker available with some different tracks.

The band have a couple of dates south of the border at Oliver’s Bar, Burnley on 6th April (part of the Burnley Blues Festival) and at The Tyne Bar, Newcastle on 8th July. For more info checkout or e-mail




March 19th, 2007 at 21:26
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I know the Burnley crowd and I tell ya….. Mac and the lads are going to slay them. It’s gonna be a good one. It’s a shame that they could not find any other northwest slots around the Burnley date.



March 20th, 2007 at 21:09
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Before any Nimmo Brothers fans pick up on the statement about a really good Scottish blues band – I really meant to say rootsy/swinging type of band! Boyd Tonner and Colin Black are rather good as well!