Missed birthdays…..

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 22, 2007

Here are the blues birthdays that I have not been able to post this week. I can’t shove a whole load of pictures and YouTube clips in as that would make the post waay waaay too long, so my suggestion is to dig around in YouTube or Flickr (like I usually do) find your favourite media of the act celebrating a birthday this week and post it as a comment to this post.

OK – I’m done, so happy birthdays to….

Sam Lay (see hospital news) – Born 20 March 1935 in Birmingham, AL

Marcia Ball – Born 20 March 1949 in Orange, TX

Jimmie Vaughan – Born 20 March 1951 in Dallas, TX

Son House – Born 21 March 1902 in Riverto, MS

Otis Spann – Born 21 March 1930 in Belzoni, MS

Tony McPhee – Born 22 March 1944 in Humberstone, UK

Keith Relf – Born 22 March 1943 in Richmon, UK

Oh go on then – just this one. A killer!

Flickr picture Otis Spann Originally uploaded by Shad Steiger.

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