Sam Lay in hospital

Posted on: Thursday, Mar 22, 2007

I was unable to post news earlier in the week about Sam Lay being hospitalised. The latest that I have is from the blues mailing list Blues-L….

Leonard Watkins : 19 March 2007

We want to give you all a little update on Sam Lay’s condition. We spoke with Sam Lay and his wonderful wife Liz this morning and followed by a call to Corky Siegel. Sam is in a bit better of spirits although still having difficulty speaking and stressed with all the tests. Doctors are saying that it is not a stroke and suggesting Bell’s Palsy–facial paralysis.Sam’s blood pressure was very high. However, doctors still remain uncertain as to exactly what the problem is or the cause of this attack.They are also suggesting a virus infection. Sam has informed us that he did also take a fall in a hotel room that caused pain to the head.

He has undergone extensive testing including MRI. More tests results will arrive soon, and with consideration to already exisitng health conditions.

He has received calls and love and said to us today that it is so nice to know that he is cared about. Please continue to send cards and love.

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