Johnny Mastro – only three weeks to go

Posted on: Saturday, Mar 24, 2007

Yes indeedy, only three weeks before the Californian band Johnny Mastro and Mamas Boys play in Warrington at the Blues Club on Fri 13th April. If you like the Red Devils then this is one for you. The band probably don’t like comparisons between themselves and Lester Butler’s band however I think that it is as clear as a clear thing on national clear day that Butler was one of the inspirations for Mastro.

Here is their website and here is a pretty poor YouTube clip.



March 24th, 2007 at 12:39
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This is going to be one of the big gigs of the year – well done to Ray and Barbara for getting them to Warrington. Have been lucky enough to hear the new album – the track called “Shade Your Woman” contains some of the dirtiest guitar tones I have ever heard and some sweet harp – got the feeling that live they will be killer! Like Ken says they DO carry the torch of the Red Devils and the late Lester Butler and that can be no bad thing!