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Posted on: Tuesday, Apr 10, 2007

Alan Hewitt sends the following seasonal spring message.

A small sample…..

In July there’s The Roach Twins, Simon Hickling and Bob Cheevers (USA)

In August we have Tony McPhee and Joanna Deacon, Storm Warning, The Cutler Waterworth Band, The King Bz and Big Baby Ernie (USA)

In September the return of the Rob Tognoni Band, Stevie DuPree and the Delta Flyers (USA) and Harpmac and the Groovecats.

And coming later in the year Robi Zonca ( Italy ), Catfish Keith and then the great former Colosseum front man James Litherland.

Keep an eye on the website, a news page is soon to be added to keep you all up to date with future plans.

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