Johnny Mastro – Warrington – 13 April

Posted on: Sunday, Apr 15, 2007

I went to see Johnny Mastro and MamasBoys at Warrinton Blues Club on Friday night and a good night was had by all. I heard that they were the highlight of the Burnley Festival and blew the crowd away Easter weekend.

A proper review will follow later as I’m not much of a writer, but here are my first thoughts and my pictures and video clips.

I was really glad to see a band play with some energy and balls without playing the rock blues card, anyone who knows me well will know that I am not the worlds biggest fan of rock blues – I love blues and I love rock – I just don’t dig blues rock. Anyway, soapbox away, back to the review. All the players were very capable indeed, the highlight for me was the drummer Jim Goodall, looking like a cross between Jarvis Cocker and Stuart Copeland he drove the band from the back and was clearly enjoying every moment. I also mention the bass player (who’s name I didn’t catch but was last seen by me backing Eric Sardinas a few years ago in Wrexham). Those two at the back actually made it pretty easy I think for the two lead instruments and vocals to shine.

It wasn’t a perfect gig by any means, for me there was a little two much emphasis on the slide guitar and the mix was a bit muddy with slightly unclear vocals and the harp just a a tad too quiet (or was it the rest of the instruments that were too loud?). Jim Goodall was certainly loud. I’d also like to have seen the band mix up the grooves a little more than they did. But the gut-wrenching drive of the mid tempo shuffles and the beautiful slow blues tunes were very impressive. One could not help but to tap one’s foot with the groove. There was definitely a shot of the 60s in the performance – that 60’s style energy is often missing from current groups.

Highly recommended.

As is the custom I captured a few short YouTube clips and some poor photos. The best YouTube is this short clip of the LedZep inspired slow blues, with excellent guitar work from Dave Melton. The other YouTubes can be seen by following this link.

All the photos are uploaded to Flickr – sorry about the quality.

JohnnyMastro 008

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