A snippet from Blues-L

Posted on: Saturday, Apr 21, 2007

This was posted today on the Blues-L mailing list….

Otis Rush has been known to sample a doobie or two before he goes on stage and he sends him into dreamland while he opens with a few instrumentals.

Many years ago, he was playing the “I Spy Lounge” (big murals of Bill Cosby nd Robert Culp on the walls) down on the Chicago South Side. The drummer was assling with his woman while she accused him of cheating with someone else. The drummer flipped her off and told her to go take a hike.

So the woman exits the club and the band gets onstage to start their set. Otis is playing with his eyes closed when the woman comes back into the club, walks around the bar, stands in front of the bandstand, takes a pistol out of her purse and start firing.

People were flying everywhere. They were jumping, leaping and diving in all directions. The woman emptied the pistol and then threw it at the stage.

She hit . . . nothing. She put holes in the ceiling and in the walls but nobody got hit.

Meanwhile, Otis was still playing guitar with his eyes closed. She had stood right in front of him and sent bullets whizzing past him on all sides.

The woman walked out of the club, the band guys came out from under the tables, got back on stage and fell in behind Otis.

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