Otis Taylor on tour with Gary Moore

Posted on: Friday, Apr 27, 2007

There is great news for fans of Otis Taylor and fans of Trafficker.

Otis’s new cd “Definition Of A Circle” is out today on Telarc. It is without a doubt his strongest release so far featuring some great guitar from Gary Moore plus Charlie Musselwhite features on one track.
However, the chance has arisen for everyone to see Otis in the area in May/June as he has been asked to support Gary Moore on his UK tour which is taking in 12 dates at all the UK’s major rock venues.
Locally they will be appearing at The Liverpool Phil on Thursday 31st May and at Manchester Apollo on June 2nd.
Even better news is that Otis has asked Tommy Allen and Craig Bacon from Trafficker to be his guitarist and drummer on the tour – a great chance for them to show off their talents on the tour to a wider audience.

UPDATE 27 April 2007 – I had to remove the picture of the CD sleeve as the photographer objected to me using it. I respect his wishes and I wonder if he has also contacted Amazon tohave the CD sleeve removed from there.


Otis and Tommy


Pete Evans

April 27th, 2007 at 13:44
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Sorry you had that hassle Ken — what a bumptious prick.
I’ll speak to Otis about that – I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say about an attempt to publicise his excellent cd being blocked by a person behaving like a prat. I might also contact Telarc. I’m sure they’d have plenty to say.
If you happen to read this Mr Photographer USA, perhaps you’d like to comment on your reasons for blocking the cd cover which was an attempt to gain sales.
Dr Pete Evans (Otis Taylor tour arranger UK)



April 27th, 2007 at 18:23
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Can’t believe how petty some people are – he must be a right prat! Surely any publicity a site like this can give must be beneficial – nice post Pete!



April 27th, 2007 at 18:43
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Whoah! Sorry! I have been hasty and have given the wrong message, I have probably infringed the rights of the photographer. Let me elaborate and explain this thing in full. It’s not as bad as could be. When I post to the website I wish to remain in control of the images (for example I don’t want them to disappear or change URL) so I upload them to a special folder in my Flickr account. I then link to the Flickr picture from the website.

I am sure that the great majority of the pictures are royalty free with no limit on their use (most of the professionally shot photos that I have used have been taken from the Press Kits of the artist’s website). However I do not state in my Flickr account that that is the aim of the picture and I can understand that someone stumbling over the photo, not understanding the big picture and getting cross.

I vow to add a description to each photo that is not mine explaining the context, if anyone then wants to complain about it’s use then I will happily take down the picture and call them an ass.

In the meantime I give this guy the benefit of the doubt.



April 27th, 2007 at 19:00
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OK – all my bluesinthenorthwest.com Flickr photos are labelled thus…


A one-stop shop for blues news, blues reviews, blues gigs and blues events for the Northwest of the U.K.


These pictures are not taken by me. I am merely using this group to hold the photos used on my blues website bluesinthenorthwest.com.

Most are sent to me by fans and agents, some are taken from the press photos sections of the artists’ websites.

If anyone objects to any of the pictures then just let me know and I will remove straight away.

All the photos in the other sets are taken by me and owned by me.