Hamsters at Telfords

Posted on: Monday, Apr 30, 2007

Here’s a quick reminder that the Hamsters are on at Telfords Warehouse in Chester on Thursday.

I’m not sure what time bands start on Thursdays so I’d check with the venue.

I can’t go as I am off to Livebait in Manchester.  Buen apetito.


CK What

April 30th, 2007 at 20:55
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Ooooh, so the local chippy’s not good enough eh?
I bet Livebait’s the sort of place where they really DO serve guacamole instead of mushy peas! Say hello to Peter Mandelson for me.



May 1st, 2007 at 17:02
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Fish and chips from the chippy eaten outside and from the paper are among my all time favourite foods along with soft boiled egg sandwiches with lashings of real butter.

Now you’ve got me started. You should not begin to discuss food with a fat Yorkshireman.

Tonight I’m going to The Ox Bar in Manchester http://theox.co.uk/ terrible website but a great place I hear.