Review : The Silk Traders – Demo

Posted on: Sunday, May 20, 2007

Three-track demo: Blue Dakota, No Son Of Mine, Tuesday

The Silk Traders – Michael Kelly (vocals & guitar), Musleh Musleh (bass), Phil Larkin (electric piano) and John Tudor (drums) – are a young Liverpool band, with that classic Seventies blues rock groove, very reminiscent of Rory Gallagher’s band of that era, especially Phil Larkin’s piano, which reminded me a lot of Lou Martin’s contribution to that Rory sound.

The three tracks on this demo, also to be found on the band’s Myspace site, open with the high energy Dakota – lots of fine keyboard work and riffy guitar from Michael Kelly; the second track, “No Son Of Mine” is a strutting, mid-tempo number – again carried by Phil Larkin’s fine keyboard work and a decent vocal from Kelly; the third song, “Tuesday” slows things down a bit, with a sort of Free-groove – all showing great promise for the future.

To be brutally honest, the rhythm section are maybe the band’s weakness, but as they are a young band, time together and more gigs will bring them on, but all-in-all a very promising demo from a young band to look out for.




June 11th, 2007 at 19:33
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Hi, thanks for the review Grahame. I know the boys really appreciated your interest and comments.

Just wanted to say that The Silk Traders have a gig at Manchester Academy 3 on Monday 18th June.

If anyone is interested in tickets or wants further information, please contact me at

Tickets are £5 and there are 3 bands on the night.
Hope to see some of you there